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In 1984, with strong competition from other boys' toys and no new Star Wars film on the horizon, Kenner released Collector’s Coins to include with each action figure sold, in a last-ditch attempt to inject excitement into a waning toy-line. Although unsuccessful at the time, today these coins are admired and coveted by collectors worldwide!

Spanning 82 pages, Coining a Galaxy explores the phenomenon of Kenner’s Vintage POWER OF THE FORCE, DROIDS & EWOKS Star Wars Collector Coins…from their concept and creation to their circulation and their untimely cancellation!

Including a Coin Gallery depicting every known Kenner Star Wars Collector Coin, classified according to rarity, with pre-production and unreleased coins, text outlines and a checklist with price guide!

Written by James Gallo and Mark Salotti with Layout by Jeff Correll.